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Late Night Encounter || Draco and Hermione


Draco nodded solemnly. “Unfortunately…I don’t know if I can get it finished in time…” he said softly. “It’s really terrifying me that he will find out and start punishing my mother or father…Or both…”

Hermione winced as he mentioned the word punish. She felt very sympathetic for him, she’d have to admit. “P-Punish,” she echoed in a croaky manner, her shoulders slightly tensing. “I can try,” she whispered. “I can try and help you and your parents.” she added.

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Late Night Encounter || Draco and Hermione


“You been watching me, Granger?” Draco snapped and then submerged his head under the water. When his lungs were bursting for air, he came up. “I needed to relieve some stress,” he said, wiping his face.

Hermione dared not to respond back as he snapped at her. Yes, she had been, but she just wouldn’t admit. “Exaggeration.” she said smoothly. She arched one eyebrow at his sentence, “Are you still working on the cabinet?” she questioned him, before she drifted to the other side of the bath.

Late Night Encounter || Draco and Hermione






Draco had returned from the room of requirement. It was now a week since the incident at Hogsmeade and Draco was stressing as to whether he’d finish his task in time. He decided to take a quick cleanse in the prefect’s bathroom before heading to bed.

It was quite late at night so there was no teachers or students about and that would meant the bathroom was most likely going to be free, which Draco was pleased about. He came to the familiar statue, expecting it to be locked but when he said the password, it swung right open. He stepped in and didn’t realise there was someone in there till he saw clothes scattered on the ground and a head of brown hair floating on the water.

Hermione had come back from the Great Hall, after an awkward chat with the McLaggen boy. He was getting to her nerves, so she decided a bath would help her soothe. It was quite late, so she had feeling no one would use the prefect’s bathroom. She stood before the white marble statue, mumbling the password hastily. She watched it swing open, stepping in and slowly stripping off her clothes as soon as she heard the statue shut behind her.

As soon as her body was exposed, she held out her wand and cast a non-verbal charm. Water then started to flow out of the enormous taps, and she dipped in, letting her body turn loose. Her head lolled back, and her eyes remained shut, until she heard the marble statue swing loudly. 

She immediately looked to see who entered the bathroom, and she discovered the Head Boy. “Malfoy,” she choked out, sinking her body further. “What are you doing here?” she demanded.

Draco swallowed as the person in the bath turned around, proving his suspicions of that person being Hermione. “I wanted to take a bath!” he said and kicked off his shoes. “And that’s what I’m going to do…I need to…”

Hermione shifted in the water, one hand reaching for her towel. She frowned at him, “I’m not even finish yet!” she screeched at him. He can’t just barge in and demand to use the bath.

“I’m not getting out.” she snapped at him.

Draco shrugged and took his top off and threw it on a patch of dry floor. “Well I’m getting in!” he said matter-of-factly and then wiggled out of his trousers but left his boxers on. “Don’t worry. Your eyes aren’t worthy to see what’s under these,” he said and then slipped into the other side of the bath.

Hermione rolled her eyes at his statement, and then flushed as he removed his top, and was now half naked. “Oh…” she murmured, licking her lips, the red patches on her cheeks never fading away. As he was in the water, her body tensed. “Why do you need a bath again? You’ve already had two today!” she hissed.